Google Reviews

Ron Gerdes

Very happy with the organic lawn service and would highly recommend. Good communication, fair prices, and my lawn looks MUCH better after using Lunseth for about 3 years.

Dee Gonzalez

Love it

Kyle Gaffaney

Lunseth’s give us the greenest lawn on the block and the only one that receives lawn services that I would let me kids roll around on. The crew always shut the gate and are friendly when we see them. Certain treatments have an immediate visible impact, but others such overseeding (as you would expect) take longer. They’ve serviced our yard for a couple years now and I can really see the difference when looking at old pictures.

Diana Eide

Haven’t met them, but all my e-mail communications have been answered in a timely and friendly manner. This was our first season using them so we’ll see how our lawn looks next year. We are moving forward with using them again next year. I like the idea of being able to improve my lawn without doing anything that will endanger any wildlife or insects. What good is having a lush lawn if you kill everything else? I would strongly suggest giving them a try.

Emily Thornton

The Lunseth team is a pleasure to work with. Our lawn is looking great after only 2 seasons of treatment. I would strongly recommend Organic Lawns by Lunseth to anyone. I feel good about the results and that I’m not harming the environment to get a beautiful lawn.

Michael McCay

Very professional service and communication. Highly recommended!!

Autumn Kappes

Great service!
Lawn has never looked better! Staff does great job with communication of application process and staff doing work is professional.

Jen Rooney

Organic Lawns by Lunseth has done wonders on making our lawn look great! Although the price tag is a little more than your traditional lawn care, we think it’s worth every penny to have Organic, Earth Friendly products used on our lawn. In addition, the customer services is always top notch. Job well done Lunseth!