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We started the project faced with a swale area with a very bad drainage problem (doesn’t work very well). Not to mention a deteriorating sidewalk that has been slowly caving away due to the extreme slope, forcing much of the properties water to flow into that same area. We found the solution was to install

What do I say about having to haul 100 tons of rock by hand. We grew a lot throughout the duration of the project. The homeowners at the Nine Mile Cove Townhome Association wanted to update the look of their pond as well as increase their buffer zone. The result? 100 tons of buff limestone

We enjoyed everything about this project. From meeting with the homeowners, to the stories about the history of the home and the Prospect Park neighborhood. This was one of our favorite opportunities to take something old and repurpose it for something new. The owners’ existing patio block was built using Sioux Quartzite stone from the

A nice wall to update the backyard and allow easier access to the alleyway (steps). As well as a great focal point from the deck. Though it took some extra work to keep the wall straight going past a mature four foot diameter cottonwood. The wall turned out great! ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]

A Great opportunity to help the homeowners recapture their already existing landscapes. Through soil cultivation, weed removal and extreme rejuvenation pruning. We were able to take an area that had become so overrun and overgrown with weeds, vines, and bring it back to its original beauty. It was a lot of hard manual labor, but

It was a pleasure working with Dan. In what began as a simple update turned into a total revamp. Our favorite part of the project comes from the privacy screen that we had installed with upright Skyrocket Junipers to provide privacy from the neighbor’s yard as well as the much needed update to the front